Turkey Quinoa Soup*DairyFree     *Gluten Free       *Very Nutritious and Delicious
2 Turkey Thighs 6 Carrots - Sliced 6 Celery Stalks - Sliced 1 Large Handful Cilantro - Chopped 12 Cremini Mushrooms – Halved 12 Mini Potatoes – Halved 10 Kale Stalks – Shredded 2 Cups Quinoa – Cooked 2 T Cumin Salt and Pepper to Taste Avocado to garnish
Warm up the tortillas over a low flame.  Spread the hummus generously on the tortillas. Add avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Add hot sauce or salsa to taste.  That’s it!  They are done and delicious!
For 2 mini tacos:* 2 corn tortillas (gluten free) *2 T. hummus (I like cilantro/jalapeno) * 1/2 tomato diced (optional) * ¼ c. shredded lettuce (I use the lettuce right out of the pre-made organic salad box from the grocery store.) *3-6 avocado slices *salsa or hot sauce for taste *cilantro (garnish as you would like)


Super quick hummus tacos

*gluten free *dairy free *vegan
Boil turkey thighs in large pot of water until cooked thoroughly (about 1 hour). Remove thighs, cool enough to remove all meat from bone.  Return shredded turkey back to pot of broth.  Add in remaining ingredients and cook on low boil for another 30 minutes or until vegetables are tender.  Add avocado for garnish.