My Favorite Books:

Here are a few of my favorite books that helped me start my journey and have inspired me to stay the course.  

Tools of the Trade:

I like to experiment in the kitchen with homemade nut milks (cashew is the absolute dreamiest), lots of fresh salads, juicing, smoothies, raw foods, dehydrated fruits, and more.  It helps if you have the right equipment.

My Garden:

Having my own garden was important to me.  Fruits and veggies have the most nutrients when they are first picked.  Plus, they taste better too!

Veggies:  For my first season, I experimented with kale, radishes, lettuce, bok choy, and more.  My second season was even better with 2 types of cucumbers, jalapenos,  carrots, bell peppers, brussell sprouts and cherry tomatoes.

Fruit:  I have lemon, lime, apple, and orange trees.  Plus, there are strawberries in my garden.

Herbs:  The herb garden is the best. This year I have cilantro, parsley, spearmint, chives, rosemary, and basil.