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  • Tired all the time?

  • Joint pain?
  • Brain fog?
  • Headaches?
  • Restless sleep?
  • Digestive issues?

  • Bloating?
  • Constant colds and flu?
  • Low/High Blood Pressure?
  • Skin rashes?

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Remember, You are what you eat!

 A la carte for:

  • Clean up your kitchen - I will come to your house and help you get your pantry and fridge in tip top, healthy shape. - $45 with program commitment / $75 without program commitment
  • Grocery store tour - we will go over how to read ingredients, healthy alternatives, and ideas for stocking your home. - $45 with program commitment / $80 without program commitment for 1 on 1 sessions / Group cost is $20 per person with minimum of 3.
  • Food sensitivity meal revamp - When food sensitivities/allergies are discovered, I will help you with substitutions, meals, and recipes to support your new plan.  Including what to look for when you eat out, how to cook at home, and how to make 1 meal that meets your family's need for something delicious and nutritious while, simultaneously, fits your food restriction needs. - $125 with program commitment / $225 without program commitment


All of the programs include:

  • Customized planning and goal setting for your individual needs.
  • Email and text support between sessions.
  • Handouts regarding nutrition, lifestyle, recipes and much more.
  • Free welcome gift.

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Programs Available:

  • 6 month H3 Rejuvenation program, consisting of 12 sessions. - $1,080 payable in 4 payments (10% discount if paid in full up front.)
  • 3 month H3 Rejuvenation program, consisting of 6 sessions. - $540 payable in 2 payments (10% discount if paid in full up front.)